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Can there be anything more shameless than what the AAP, which is unfortunately in government in Delhi, is doing out there? The CM who is perennially ill with his ‘ill-throat’ is out of the chair for more than two months now leaving the state in the hands of the ministers who either enjoy foreign trips leaving the people in Delhi to die of Dengue or are busy in offering ‘ration’ cards to the women of the state. When will you learn some governance Arvind and when you will teach your colleagues to act wisely?

I have seen the dance of sheer arrogance on the face of Manish Sisodia today when he was confronted by the reporter of Times Now, Jonathan, in Finland. He did not even care for a second to speak to the people of Delhi through the window of opportunity. He abused Arnab Goswami; he abused Modi; he vouched his self-certified ‘working hours’ and just went away with a display of ‘gundaism’ on his face. What is this? One must ask to the party which came in power only by playing with the conscience of Delhi people who are ambitious for a ‘good government’ and they rejected even Modi!

Manish Sisodia is in Finland to learn some skills to better the education in Delhi and do some service to the 2.6 million children of Delhi. Mr. Sisodia, do you know what is going on in Delhi? Have you read some other newspaper except your propagandist Janta ka reporter thing? You should see the images where a bed in the hospital is shared by 2-3 people. You should see the looooong queue of people standing for hours to wait for their turns to come and get some medical attention. You should listen to the cries of a mother who has lost her ‘only child’ because of Chikungunya. Yes, the same ‘child’ for whose future you are ‘enjoying’ being in Finland! Shame on you and shame on your party and shame on your style of politics! Politics should really come up with a new definition for itself if we are to believe that what you do can ever be qualified to be called politics! Shame on you!

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