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Undoubtedly, Melania Trump, the wife of a ‘president in fray,’ has certainly become the obsession for the mainstream media in recent months. Correct me if I am wrong – but what the New York Post did this week (in fact, yesterday) with Melania Trump’s 21-year-old picture narrates the same story. The thing which I cannot decipher is what these giant media houses get by bringing the shame (that they don’t have, of course) of a woman in public. Do you remember the upskirt moments of Kate Middleton? Do read the way it was celebrated by Indian giant Times Of India! Do read

Kate Middleton Upskirt in India

Yes, Melania Trump was a model, no doubt. Models have all the liberty in their profession and they do get photoshoots done. No magazine or media house would have taken an interest in displaying the body of Mrs. Trump on the front page if Donald Trump had not been the presidential candidate of the USA. However, these sellers or words do know when and how to take advantage of what and which!
The cover page photo that we are discussing here for two long days shows Melania Trump’s image in which her breasts are covered by the stars. The image bears a title – “The Ogle Office”.

Now, what this front page image does in the running presidential election campaign of Donald is something that we will see later. Nevertheless, the fact is clear that media houses do know when to fry the chicken for the best taste… Say it the obsession with the female body or whatever you may; those who are behind that line of the press industry do have a ‘dirty mindset’ if we are seeing the picture without any filters applied!

Today Melania is 46; the photo is 21 years old; today she is the wife of an ambitious man looking to be the president of the most powerful piece of land on the earth; do you get why The New York Post has fallen into this act of ‘misogyny’ again?

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