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The highlight of the day is #StandUpIndia. After the Start-up India and Skill India, the Modi Government has come with yet another ‘history-making’ scheme for the entrepreneurs. Mudra Yojana, which you might call the younger sister of the Stand Up India, was launched back in April 2015. Mudra Yojana, acronymized as PMMY, has already helped 1,65,000 with financial aids for small scale business. This grand Stand Up India scheme will help the women entrepreneurs and business persons from the SC & ST classes with big financial aids which will range between 10 lacs to 1 crore.

In his address to the audience after launching the logo and the scheme, PM Narendra Modi has highlighted the core features of the scheme. Stand up India will surely empower the people who have faith in their ideas and innovation. The confident youths from the tribal communities and the women with a will of creating jobs rather than doing one are going to benefit with this prudent policy of the government. True, we have lived long since we fought and won our freedom. What are on the list of our achievements? What will we tell others if someone from USA or Japan asks us? What did we do in the field of employment? What did we do for the Dalits of India except playing dirty politics for their votes? This time, we have a PM who has walked the extra mile for them. Modi displayed his marrow faith in the innovative ideas of Dalits, Adivasis and women. He told that they can do much better if given a chance, and to the best of them, we have Stand up India today.

The job seekers have become the job creators today, as per the PM. However, we will have to see the reachability of this scheme and also the co-operation of the banks. Ultimately, it’s going to be the bank which has to play a vital role. Indians, who still seem to be living in the age of fogs of promises, are very careful while appreciating these plans of the government. They first analyse the things before countersigning the views of the government.

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