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Campus fire in Indian educational institutes that somehow started at the JNU, Delhi, seems not to cease, at least, one can see it seeing the recent NIT Srinagar episodes. On the one hand, people say they have the freedom not to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai and on the other hand, students are facing lathi charge just because they merrily chant hail to Mother India. What a dilemma we are living in? Big guns of the Indian journalism were holding queues outside the hostel of Kanhaiya for a glimpse of ‘his holiness’ but they don’t have a bite to play about the sufferings of outstation students at the NIT Campus in Srinagar! That’s all about their duplicity; that’s all about the double standards of Indian media; that’s all about the false claims of Sagarika Ghose in her editorial for Times of India.

The reports say that it (campus tension) started after the India-West Indies match in the semi final of T20 World Cup. It is being narrated in the print and online media that the Kashmiri students celebrated the win of WI over Indians. The non-local students at NIT Srinagar opposed it with the chantings like Bharat Mata ki Jai and Hindustan Zindabad. In return, what they got was the rhetoric of Azaadi.

However, what’s painful is the police brutality on the students. The non-Kashmiri students, who tried to come out of the campus with a fear of insecurity on Tuesday, were beaten by the state police, and several of them have been injured. The state police are not allowing any journalist to go inside the campus (as per the report of Zee News which is constantly reporting on the event).

The moot question is, for BJP, what is more important? The integrity of the nation or their alliance with PDP? Only to console the helplessness of any right-thinking national citizen, the Home Ministry has sent a team of two persons under the ‘fact-finding’ title. Will it work? I think no.

Furthermore, the perpetual duplicity of our mainstream media is also questionable once again. They seem to have permanently put up a sunglass towards the matter of importance. They will shoult howls & cries about the unfortunate death of an actress; they don’t have the time to question the state authority of J & K concerning this matter. Do remember how enthusiastically they have taken up the entire nation when JNU was the centre of attraction.

Broader question is – is the time to consider 370 now?

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