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Awwww! ‘Modi ji has caught another of our ‘duly elected’ MLA! This is a serious threat to our democracy. Parties and media should come together against this tyranny of Modi ji. He is a coward and a psychopath!’ After the probable arrest, as the accusation has already been put, of his another party member and legislator – Kartar Singh, this will be the storyline of this dramatist-cum-politician Kejriwal. Kartar Singh has been accused of hiding assets that culminate around 130 crores. Mr. Arvinda Kejriwal, did you not check the background of your candidate before ‘selling’ him the ticket?

A person who has always lived in a delusion of being honest and holding a white reputation among the citizens of this nation can never be so righteous to get it on his chin. He will find another escape route – do a press conference or fire several tweets tagging Modi. Is it all that the politics of India has been reduced to? Kejriwal needs to answer some of the serious questions that his ‘journalists’ won’t ask him. Ironically, the media houses which bring hue and cry on the issues of corruption are silent and mum over this reveal. Kartar Singh, the accused of hiding assets, is finding no space on the cover pages of their website!

The owner of Benami properties, this Kartar Singh has also created some shell companies to manage his black money. It’s quite a shock as well as surprise that the epitome of clean politics could not find these things when he offered Kartar Singh a ticket to fight the Delhi elections. Come whatever, Kejriwal and his party members will always be defending their accused comrades with a single and boring narrative that Modi ji has done all these! When will they learn to prove things with counter arguments and actual proofs?

Meanwhile, the trouble for this 54 years-old Mehrauli legislator, which comes in South Delhi, seems to be increasing. The income tax team has raided his residence in the previous month. Let us see what comes next for Delhi!

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