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When the envy-head Kejriwal orchestrated his odd-even scheme in New Delhi (I was in Delhi at that time) I thought, in spite of all my prejudices against him, he has something called the ‘mind’. He can thing productivity; he can be constructive; he can be inclined towards the convenience of the people. However, I was utterly wrong! You can’t trust a snake who has once omitted poison on your feet! Did you see his endorsement to the tweet of a waste newspaper tribune? You will understand easily from where my angst is coming against this unlikely politician of India. Please have a look:

I mean is this person in a state which we call ‘normal’? I don’t think so at all! This man seems to me a freak who will simply say anything to show the country that Modi is wrong. How can this politics be even played when our country’s interests are on the line? Do you have any sense of responsibility, Mr. Kejriwal! You say yourself a popular leader, then, is this the message that a popular neta of India should send to the world when we are doing every ounce of job to corner Pakistan internationally? I don’t find myself in a position to be able to decode you! Does it take only this much to you to go against our nation! I pity your mental state, sir!

And what should I say about the Tribune India! I don’t know which Utopia they are living in. We have all seen how India has emerged as a leader among the South Asian nations and these people are seeing us being pushed into a corner! Showing some posters and Muslim people opposing India cannot be a mirror of what India is thinking, Mr. Kejriwal. Please don’t play with the fire of Muslim card. Don’t try to divide the nation for your politics’ sake. Before anything else happens, this fire will burn you first!

And my advice to the people who admire Kejriwal, please do admire him for his sick mindset and anti-India sentiments if you wish. However, do remember, people in India are watching you all. We can’t give you any more states to destroy! Your game is over; your bluff is called; your cards are seized!

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