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So, here, finally, comes the news that I was waiting since long to listen. Arnab Goswami has quit the Times Group! Yes, it’s official now. The show that you might have seen today or still seeing tonight might well be his last NewsHour show. Of course, I am also gonna miss Arnab, and more than anyone else, on the prime time. And certainly, the channel Times Now will not be the same without Arnab. I was always in the favour of Arnab quitting this group, the Times Group, because these people, most often, every now and then, just bring their agenda of pseudo secularism and flower-mongering on the enemy states. We all know what Arnab Goswami does – he stands with the nation and the mood of the country. His bosses are perhaps on the another side of the line…

People in the field of media are spreading different news about what Arnab is going to do after this resignation. I have come to many news from different sources and what I find ‘most’ sufficient to be believed is that Arnab is going to launch his own news channel (with whom and when, only he knows). Arnab has always shown his disgust with the dominance of the western media groups and we can imagine what is in the rabbit’s hat to be brought out…

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Undoubtedly, Arnab is the person who has redefined the style of journalism in India. He is the person who has challenged the very notion that only ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ have the ‘intellect’ to opine about the subjects of national and international importance. He has identified himself with the voice of the frustrated Indians and the middle class of the country who have always a lot of questions to ask the politicians and other institutions of the country.

Personally, I also don’t endorse the views of Times Group when they talk of the aman ki asha thing and put up those absurd articles on the editorial page of the newspaper. Arnab has clarified many times that he does not stand with the peace talks when the nation is on war with an enemy nation.

At last, best of luck Arnab! Do whatever you want but stand with us always; you are really a powerful voice and the country needs you!

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