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opinions that matter

Opinion MATTERS; opinions MATTER MUCH! Therefore, what we must do is give our opinions on the issues which are important. Just take a ‘look around’ and you will find in abundance the things that propel you to shout out loud. And how long you ignore this finding is all about your skill to ignore. People like me cannot ignore now; I am calling you out – come and face the heat and let them know that we are watching now! In a democracy, people’s power is the power behind power and also the power ahead of power. And in Indian democracy, we, the people of India, the proud Indians, own the lion’s share! How long this lion is willing to remain silent and caged? Hasn’t the time come that we should let it roar now?

Whenever something happens that does not suit the narrative of a political party, they demand ‘all India strike’ or ‘Bharat Band’. Is it so simple for them to shut India down for a day? Are Indians fool enough to let their lives halt for a day which is purely uncalled for? I don’t think so; and fortunately, like many other instances in the past, the nation has replied to the political parties with clarity. Not playing into the hands of the netas, the Indians have given their opinion and we see, it MATTERS!

This Monday, November 28, 2016, will be remembered as a significant day in India’s people’s history. Now we are not the mere ‘voting population of India’ but we do have our opinions; accept it or we know how to get it accepted! This might not be termed as a paradigm shift in the way Indians react to the neta’s calls; however, we do see a ray of hope. The youth population of the nation has come out of the 70 years’ cult now. We are looking for future; we are willing to make an India which will harbour the ambition and dreams of the 70 percent young people of the country. And my dear friends, to make it happen, we do need the opinions.

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