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The Belgian capital of Brussels was left shaken as twin blasts occurred, one in Zaventem Airport and the other in Maelbeek metro station, in the rush hours of the morning leaving around 26 people dead and several injured. The attack occurred a few days after the capture of a prime suspect on Friday by the Belgian Police who is instrumental in playing a key role in the Paris attacks. The security forces were anticipating a revenge attack by the Islamic State group, who claimed responsibility for the Paris terror strikes. The blasts occurred in overly crowded places. A worker at the airport, who helped in rescue work, said he heard a man shouting something in Arabic before the blast. Some passengers managed to wriggle out with bloodstains on their clothes. The severity of the blast was such that it shattered glass ceilings and demolished ceiling tiles. Soon rescue workers and police troops were sent to the spot. People were evacuated and delivered to secure spots.

The picture at Maelbeek metro station was no better as compartments appeared all charred and ruined with blood spewed in all places and billowing smoke. Passengers and onlookers were deported to safer places. All train and flight operations have been cancelled for now. The Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel alleged this as “a black time for our country”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gravely condemned the attacks. The Prime Minister has a scheduled visit to Brussels on 30 March.


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