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Be it the water crisis or be it a ton be de Cock, cricket always remains the table-talk of the country. We have to go back in time to find when did we last talk about ‘other sports’. Do you remember when we talked about Gymnastic last time? Maybe never… leave it. Do you know Dipa Karmakar? She is a 22 years old Gymnast from India who has become the first ever woman to qualify for Olympics! She has booked her berth for the Rio Olympics to be held in August this year.

Dipa Karmakar has created this history with her feat. She achieved the grand total of 52.698 to clinch her place in the most prestigious event of the sports. India has not seen very remarkable achievements in the Gymnastic and this achievement by Dipa is supposed to create that momentum.
Not only her achievement is remarkable being a woman, she is a Gymnast to qualify for Olympics after 52 long years! The last time it happened for us was way back in 1964 when six male gymnasts have participated in the Olympics. Thus, this is a great news coming for India through an official press release by The International Federation of Gymnastics.
Dipa has been registered as the 79th gymnast to qualify for the Rio Olympics on the list of women gymnasts.

Dipa comes from Agartala, Tripura. She has won a Bronze in the CWG, Glasgow. It was the first-ever medal by a woman gymnast in Common Wealth Games for India. You can easily understand the spur of this young girl for the game. She gets in to win and wins when she gets in.

We wish her all the best for the coming games in her life. Especially, the entire nation is backing her for her quality performance in the coming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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