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The children are called the future of a nation and the fate of that future is in the hands of teachers. When children grow up and go to school, the teacher takes the responsibility of that student’s mental and intellectual growth. He teaches him with all his experience and learned skills and shapes the thought process of that child. Any teacher does not become a teacher like there used to be in the older days. The teacher becomes a teacher today because it’s his/her profession and in return, worth reward is required.

However, in Bihar state, the government is such an ignorant of this subject that they don’t even think the teachers in Bihar need the salary. The teachers of Bihar are not being paid for more than five months now, and how they are managing their families, only God knows! In some districts, they had about two month’s salary on the occasion of Holi. But the question arises here, do they need their salary only at the time of festivals? Don’t they require money for other works such as paying fees of their children and bringing new clothes to them? The Nitish government, which promised before polls of heavens to the teachers and paradise to the students, must think of these issues. Very brazenly, they say that they don’t have enough fund to pay the salary of teachers. However, they have enough fund the education ministry to distribute gifts to the rich MLAs who are nothing but shameless culprits.

Moreover, when it comes to showing the darker side of the education in Bihar, media houses come running even in their nightwears. ‘See this teacher of Bihar, she does not even know how to write January. What the hell she will be teaching to her class?’ ‘Know Mr. Ramesh Yadav, a high school teacher who cannot understand the basic of chemistry.’ etc and etc. Why don’t the media houses question the government who is not paying even the deserving teachers who are actually teaching to the class and dying for two times of food, still not leaving their responsibility to teach? Why don’t the big primetime anchors of electronic journalism not question directly to the Nitish-led JDU & Lalu nexus which is not paying the salary of teachers? Why did not anyone question the-the selection process of teachers in Bihar when undeserving candidates got the seats in lieu of money?

Yes, Bihar is a backward state. But who has kept it at the same level for more than seven decades? We need to introspect and find the answers before it’s too late! Nitish, please pay their salaries!

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