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When I joined twitter, I thought it to be a platform where people express the best thing about them or about anything in just 140 characters. Today, however, seeing things develop in a way they have developed, I feel that all these 140 characters have just become characterless! There is an age-old proverb that we should not judge a book by the cover it wears; however, you can always judge a person by the words he/she omits on the twitter tweets. How, why and when did this happen? To me, there is no clue!

To start with the political wars is the best possible way to let you know what I am talking. Every day, when wake up early in the morning and just check twitter app on your phone, by that time, one or two ‘politically motivated’ hashtags might already have gone past! For your refreshment, many more will keep coming throughout the day and it mostly culminates with a defining one for the night. I am naming no party and also, I am exempting none, nonetheless! All parties are ‘political’ on twitter with their hired PR agencies and a bunch of social media teams. So, is this what we mean by expressing our thoughts on twitter?

Then comes the number of paid trends on twitter. These trends are the bare examples of social media influencer marketing. Companies hire PR agencies to promote their business and products on twitter. PR agencies hire influences to trend and talk about those decided things. And the result – you see the trends like #DhulaayiSamajhdaariSe! The second time I am asking, is this what we call the expression of brevity in 140 characters on twitter?

Then we come to know about abusive language on twitter used against men and women – sometimes to express disgust and sometimes just to abuse! I don’t understand what’s the point in abusing someone on twitter? Just see these:

My point is very simple; we Indians, in the terms of our grand population, are yet very much asocial to this social media trend. Nearly one percent of our population is active on twitter. Whom we are abusing? Whom we are lauding? Whom are we criticising? There are many questions like these. However, the biggest dilemma is, ‘those’ who invest in this ‘business’ are still getting great ‘return of investments’,

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