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Whose Hands are Red?
Ishrat’s ghost is not ready to give up its ghost. I find great similarities between the more The Revenant and this Ishrat Jahan case. None of the two is ready to get out of the scene. The shadow of Ishrat’s manipulated shadow (presenting her as a victim) has this time fallen on Mr. P. Chidambaram. In fact, I think, it was always lingering above him as he was the then home minister. His statement towards the end of February this year, especially, has been proved as a ‘self goal’ for him. The Ishrat Jahan files that have been disclosed by Times Now (thanks to Arnab) prove that Mr. Chidambaram was fully aware of the facts at first hand that ‘she was a terrorist & LeT operative who has come to eliminate Narendra Modi’. Why did he sign it? Why did he file a second affidavit with massive editing (editing or setting aside the charges?)?
Editorial changes do not include removing the paragraphs as per your need, Mr. Chidambaram. You have to responsible to the national security when you are occupying a post as important as the home minister of this largest democracy. What you have done is sheer irresponsible on your part and also makes you the culprit of the national interest. Is it as simple as a signature or there is something great that is lying between the lines? Any person with wits at mark can understand that there is a conspiracy. A conspiracy to use the face of a Muslim girl as innocent and target the political ambitions of Narendra Modi. Modi was then the chief minister of Gujrat and he had to face a series of serious charges. The broader picture is a seriously broad one if you look at it carefully. The president and vice president of the Congress party, both went on ranting that ‘she was innocent’, ‘she has been killed’ and so on. The later revelations of David Headley provide that Ishrat Jahan was an LeT plant to assassinate Narendra Modi.
Now this ‘signature’ issue will surely expose many a faces out in the public. We have to wait and follow for more. And no doubt, this is one of the biggest political conspiracy of the political history of India!

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