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Not much ago, once in a conference organized by the channel Russia Today, Arnab Goswami has been heard saying that the hegemony of the western media has to end. Should we take that statement in today’s context? Is Arnab (with others) going to challenge the media giants like BBC, CNN and FOX? (Rumours are also there that Arnab will be assisted by the FOX in India.)

We are still left with a number of rumours and no certain news on the future of this great news anchor and very much indulging journalist who has certainly challenged the established notions of Indian journalism. I love Arnab and I would surely like to see him much as an independent journalist rather than playing into the hands of the Times Group. I am very much sure that Arnab will be doing the same as he has been in touch with the ‘concerned people’ for more than 8 months now. He knows the nation follows him; he knows that the country will stand with him as long as he remains the Arnab Goswami people love.

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To conclude, where will Arnab Goswami head now? Will it be the launch of FOX news in INDIA? Will it be some Indianized version of FOX news in India? Will it be something same like a partnership between Times Group & Reuters? Or it will be something very much personal by Arnab Goswami himself? Well, just wait for few more days and we will have the clear picture!

Best of luck Arnab and do come back soon because the nation wants to know what you are up to!

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