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Elections in India have never been boring and dull like the elections in Russia or the (s)elections in China. Indian election, as a popular saying is in Hindi, bhai bat hi kuchh aur hai! 

I have been following and analysing elections in India majorly after the historic 2014 general elections that changed the discourse in the country – figures who had to come out in public and expose their true face, did come out and did expose themselves. The journalists sitting in the studios and enjoying a participatory share in the corridors of power finally exposed their true and hidden face behind the museum of fabrications they call journalism. The 2014 general elections, to be short, was decisive in the history of India. Today, the Karnataka assembly election 2018, taken by most as the road to 2019 general elections, has finally culminated with the result and one thing is clear – Modi has an edge; I don’t care Rajdeep concedes it or not. 

Though the assembly is hung and it is because of those highly educated voters who believe in the power of NOTA, I still believe that the picture will be clearer by tomorrow evening on who is going to form the government, the Karnataka assembly election must give rough nights to Rahul Gandhi if he is at all serious about his prime ministerial aspirations as he expressed (and which, maybe, backfired brutally). However, even as the president of the party which was runner-up, he did not even turn out to face the media and accept the verdict. Pidi, who often tweets for Rahul, tweeted that Rahul thanked the voters of Karnataka for the verdict and he is ready to form the government despite the loss (Pidi forgot to mention it). 

People in the echo-chambers and in the media houses are more than interested in forming the government in Karnataka than the actual allies (post-poll and unethical just like BJP-PDP). Rajdeep Sardesai, in spite of having egg on his face and by himself, isn’t ready to see the results as a decisive enough defeat for Congress and Rahul Gandhi and he seems more than eager to certify this JDS-Congress alliance. And so are many other journalists and experts who, indirectly, have been campaigning for Congress in Karnataka. That’s interesting! 

We will have to wait until tomorrow evening because we all know the spin-master Amit Shah is. There shouldn’t be any surprises if you wake up tomorrow and see some of the newly elected Congress MLAs or JDS MLAs revolting against their respective parties for various reasons. In politics of India, especially during the elections (pre and post), there is more fun and intrigue than there might be in any of the world sports! So, let’s enjoy the big game of Indian politics with us and wait for the morning to come! 

Hail Democracy! 

by Amit for ILN 

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