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Rahul Gandhi is a visionary. There must be no doubts or disputes here. He is truly a visionary who has thought of such a scheme that will offer unemployed or underemployed more of unemployment or underemployment. No need to strive for a better lifestyle or wealth if you don’t earn well. Rahul’s NYAY will do justice for you and you will be given the top-up to make your income or no-income as high as 12,000 Rs. That also, the amount will directly be deposited into your bank account. Yes, the scheme uses DBT or direct benefit transfer system mostly systemised and infrastructured by no-knowledge Modi who doesn’t know even the basics of ecnomoy or the 1/1,00,000 of what P. Chidambaram knows (figure calculated by Fact Checker or Free Thinker). 

The NYAY scheme of Shri Rahul Gandhi ji, a PM material, is one scheme that will pulverise poverty from the nooks and corners of India. It will give 6,000 Rs per month to the worker who earns 11,874 Rs per month. However, mark the vision here, it won’t offer a single penny to the girl who earns 12,400 Rs per month. Do you see the vision? If you still don’t find the glimpse of God in our Rahul Ji, you are either a Bhakt or a Sanghi. Get lost. 

Rahul Ji’s adviser, who advised on the NYAY scheme, tells media that the tax burden on India’s middle class will tighten to fund the money for this ‘great grand gareebi hatao’ abhiyaan. Even Rahul’s Guruji, Sam uncle believes that only increase in the tax load on the country’s middle class can fund this scheme or nothing. However, mathematician Priyanka C has told that they have done the basics and advanced maths of this scheme and everything is viable. NYAY will surely be doing ANYAY with the people of India if Congress comes to power. 

Guys, now fun aside. Just do the logic. Paying 6,000 a month to every Indian who earns lesser than 12,000 Rs a month would be a nice Idea if the numbers were in our favour. However, do look between the lines. It will only increase the burden on us – the people who earn and pay taxes honestly. And also, there will be many faces in India that will go lacklustre if they earn a single rupee more than 12,000. This scheme is just an election gimmick that will be aimed at looting the votes of our poor people. Rahul Ji, your grandparents could not ‘hatao garibi’ from India. Please don’t take us back to 1970s. We are doing well-enough and will do even better in the coming future. And do tell your Jijaji to pay taxes honestly. 

Alok Mishra for India Latest News 

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