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The recent flyover tragedy in Kolkata, West Bengal was very unfortunate. While the links of contractor, sub-contractor and political parties will take time to establish, we have lost human lives. As far as the reports confirm, almost 30 people officially are dead in this ‘murder by the hands of nexus’. Amid the chaos, there has emerged an opinion poll predicting the win for Mamta Banerjee led TMC in the coming Bengal polls. So, what is interesting about it? It is the usual course of nature… things with which we accustom ourselves, fit the best for our needs. We have already seen the Bihar poll results. The voters trusted Lalu once again and they are managing their choice in the state. However, I have certain observations to make about this opinion poll.

What is an opinion? Does it matter? I say X is a good person; you say X is the worst person; someone else says X is somehow good with certain badness; another one says that X is somehow bad with a hint of goodness. Whom will you believe? You have four different opinions about Mr. X! And it happens with the opinion polls. The people involved in data collection actually move with the wind. They have all the liberty of tilt the board to the side they wish.

A reason people will choose Mamta again? But they seem to be choosing according to the opinion poll coming out. It’s surprising for a state which comes third on the list of crime against women. A state governed by woman… Other than that, the appeasement politics of Mamta government, the scams, the recent stings… what not stands against Mamta today? To the aid of opposition and other parties in the fray, she has gone on the backfoot again with this flyover mishap. Let us see what this election will bring for her fortune.

Moreover, the people wondering about the performance of BJP in WB elections need not worry. West Bengal is a state that has seen the leftist politics for decades and it is going to take at least three more decades for them to come out in the mainstream of politics. For the time, we should settle with the left vs Mamta fight!

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